How to Swindle Your Little Brother: A Play in 3 Scenes

List of Characters:
  • Elijah, older brother
  • Sender, younger brother
  • Daddy and Mommy (no lines, only observers)

Setting:  We are out of town for the weekend, and staying in a hotel. The room we booked has two queen beds, plus a pull-out sofa bed.

Scene 1:  In the Minivan
Elijah:  "Hannah doesn't want to sleep in the sofa bed, but I want to."
Sender:  "Well, I want to sleep there, too."
Elijah:  "Let's play rock-paper-scissors. Two out of three."
(Game is played. Elijah wins.)
Elijah:  "Yes! I get to sleep in the sofa bed."

Scene 2:  In the hotel room
(Sender is in the bath. Elijah tries out his bed.)
Elijah:  "Ugh! This bed is not comfortable. I want to sleep in the regular bed."
(Elijah thinks for a moment, and then goes to the bathroom.)

Scene 3:  In the bathroom
Elijah: (in a sweet, soft voice)  "Sender, do YOU want to sleep in the sofa bed?"
Sender:  "Yes, but do YOU want to?"
Elijah:  "I'll let you sleep there if you want."
Sender:  "OK! Thank you, Elijah."
Elijah:  "You're welcome."

Everyone got what they wanted, and everyone had a good night sleep.

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**image courtesy of KassandraBay via flickr


  1. That is so cute! I think I used to do stuff like that to my little sisters.

    1. Wonder when it is a good time for my son to 'fess up? Years and years down the road, I suppose.