To Church or Not to Church: That's the Christmas Question

What will your church (and your family) do for worship services at Christmas? There are a variety of options:
  • When I was on our church's staff, we sometimes had zero services, especially if Christmas Day fell on the weekend (we may have had just Christmas Eve services). It was an opportunity for staff and volunteers to relax, visit family, and even visit other churches, without having to work.
  • Many abhor the idea of cancelling church on or near Christmas.
  • And many in contemporary churches wish their church would be more traditional on Christmas.
  • Some have Santa Claus visit Jesus in the manger scene. I'm kidding! (I hope.)

While one could make a valid theological case for either of these perspectives (expect, perhaps, Santa), it just strikes me how strongly Christians feel about their viewpoint. Most of us are far along one side of the spectrum of "Church or No-Church," or "Casual or Traditional."

What about you? What is your church doing this Christmas? Do you wish they'd do anything different?

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  1. Ours does not normally have services on Christmas and I really miss that tradition. Most of our family live out of state so it was always nice to have everyone here and be able to attend church together. Really miss the traditional Christmas songs too!

    1. Does it count if the church does "traditional" songs, but with a different arrangement?

  2. Our Christmas Eve service is always very special. It's something the children look forward to every year too since they are usually in the church play that night. When Christmas falls on Sunday, we do have church services, which I think is absolutely the place I want to be on Christmas morning. What better place?