Favorite Tweets for September

Hope you had a wonderful month. As you can tell (from the picture to the right), our family is warmed up and ready to rumble.

Here are some favorite Tweets from the past month. You can follow me at @EspinosaJoey.

From Others:

@DavidAllstonDo you spend more time criticizing politicians than you do praying for them? If so, you are missing the point and disobeying Jesus  

@jamesmacdonaldIf u can't pick the fruit, don't bruise it - only God can ripen a person's heart to the Gospel. Vid podcast: http://t.co/sVNGNQ3u 

@JimGaffigan"Checking Twitter" is Internet for "Wasting Time." 

@mwbuckingham At work, the difference between time and money is that, while you spend both, 
you can never earn more time. 

@MoneyTrailGiving your kids an allowance can save you money in the long run http://t.co/XYmKH9zP via

@givethemgrace:  The best example we can give is one of repentant sinner. We don't have it all together, kids know it, show them where to run when we fail.

@ChrchCurmudgeonWorship team practice. Vocalists are working on their "pained grimace" look.

@JamieTheVWM:   If you only love people when things are going your way... well... you're like a child - because that's what a *child* does. #GrowUp

From Me:

Picking up a kid on the team to take him to school. Missed the bus. My Buick is like a taxi nowadays. #happy

2 weeks ago, I thought I jammed a finger. Turns out I tore a tendon in my knuckle. I'm such a klutz, I get hurt COACHING football.

This gap in assistance for #adoption needs to be closed. buff.ly/PSPrrA

My seatmate, Jahmarion, borrowing my hat on the way to the game. Go #AFTigers  instagr.am/p/PkgeVaDyuJ/

Hannah's choice for dinner = Chinese take out.

Jon Stewart on 'Mrs. Jesus' // Thanks for this laugh,

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