The Cripplegate: For Non-Conformists Like Me

I seem to always be slow on the trends. I'm not just talking about fashions, since I don't even register on that scale at all. But what do you expect for a guy whose standard apparel in college was shorts, t-shirt, socks, and sandals?

I'm behind on things like technology. During my first year of college, my roommate and I didn't have an answering machine. We didn't have a DVD player until November 2006. I got my first cell phone in 2007.

I'm behind on books. Something in me almost refuses to read popular books. I didn't peruse books like The Prayer of Jabez, A Purpose Driven Life, and Radical until 3 or 4 years after their peak. I find pleasure in being out of the popular path. Or, maybe I just like being hard-headed.

I recently came across a new blog, called the Cripplegate. The first thing that appealed to me was that it bucked common beliefs. It's written by a team of Christ-followers who present theological ideas, many of which do not conform to "tradition."

Here are a sampling of posts. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Whom Shall I Fear? Rescuing Daniel from the Children's Books 
The great impression on Darius was not Daniel’s example, Daniel’s faith or Daniel’s courage, but rather the sovereign God that Daniel served.   Do you fear and tremble before a sovereign God?  Is that what you usually think of when you think of Daniel and the Lions’ den?  I’m all for helping kids get a good night’s sleep, but let’s not be satisfied with answering the question “Where’s God when I’m afraid?”  Let’s ask the more important question, “Who’s afraid of my God?”

A Message for Vanderbilt's Leadership
This demonstration of white collar persecution has succeeded in lighting a fire under their faith. Essentially, you have brought the gospel to life for them. You have turned these students into fervent prayers for Vanderbilt, interceding for the students there and for the gospel. You have provoked them into becoming fervent evangelists. They know now first hand that they are surrounded by people who are alienated from God.

Reliable Source Reveals November's Election is Already Fixed
What is this reliable source?  — the Bible.  And no, I am not advocating some secret code contained in Scripture.  I’m sure if you rearranged the letters in some verse in the book of Revelation, you could spell Mitt Romney, Barack Obama or Cap’n Crunch!  No, the Bible does not reveal who the next president will be, but it does reveal that the outcome has already been fixed by a sovereign God.

When the Misson Becomes Protesting
At the end of the day, the church must mourn over the rampant sin in our nation, including abortion. However, let’s trust our Lord by sticking to his mission (disciple-making) with his prescribed methods of teaching the word and gospel-centered, day-in day-out ministries through the local church as our best approach to this and every other issue. It will be through individual lives changed by the gospel that people will choose life instead of abortion.

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