Need a Babysitter? I've Got Just the Girl for You.

Greenville friends --

Let me give a quick plug for my daughter, Hannah . . .

Now a teenager, Hannah has started babysitting. (And more than just her brothers. If you have only young children, don't worry. Your days of paying babysitters will come to an end. One day.)

Part of the reason she likes to babysit is because she loves being with younger children (the picture above is all the evidence you should need). And part of this is to earn money, especially since we are reducing her allowance later this year, to facilitate her independence as we encourage her to work more outside our home.

We have seen how God is growing her into a woman of the Lord. She reflects His image as a nurturer, and she has jumped at opportunities to engage, play with, and lead young children. This includes:
  • a 3-year-old in our neighborhood, whom she plays with and babysits a good bit 
  • "her" kindergarten students at Clubhouse Kids after school 
  • volunteering as an art assistant every week, for kindergarten and 1st grade classes at a local elementary school

She also began taking a babysitting training course through the Red Cross. While she knows a lot of the material being taught, we think taking this class will boost her confidence.

This spring and summer (and beyond!), if you need a fun-loving and energetic young lady to babysit for a few hours, let us know!

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