Should Students Wear School Uniforms?

Are you in favor of or against school uniforms? Or are you indifferent?

If I had to make a guess, I would suppose that:
  • Nearly all students children and teenagers are against the idea. 
  • About half of parents are in favor of the idea. 
  • Most school administrators like the idea, but most of them don't know if it's worth the effort to push for it. 
Over the years, I've come to see the value of schools having uniforms for their students, and I would be completely in favor of any of my kids' schools instilling this policy.

(Of course, we are not high-stakes players in this game, since only one of our children will be in public school next year.)

Why? Read my latest post on the Family Matters blog to learn more. And please share your thoughts by leaving a comment here, or on that site.

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  1. My school had "modified uniforms" my freshman year and then full uniforms beginning in my sophomore year. The purpose was to eliminate dress code violations and make the standards very clear. In reality, students still found ways around it if they wanted to. I've also heard schools wanted to implement it for equality - helps eliminate socio-economic distinctions. At my school, which was already an elite, not very diverse, private school it was still clear who were the "haves" and the "have nots" - jewelry, shoes, backpack, etc all still marked people very easily. I'm not against uniforms, per se, but I don't think they accomplish all they're touted to accomplish. At the same time, it gave me an excuse to not do my hair or wear make up because let's face it, no one really looks cute in a uniform :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I totally agree that rules & regulations don't solve the big picture issue (that our hearts are hardened with sin). But, especially in a diverse group, policies like this will at the least lessen (if not remove) distractions. And with students (especially middle schoolers that I teach), we need as few distractions as possible!!

      And many of them do look cute / sharp in their uniforms!

  2. Agreed, uniforms lessen distractions. I think the younger you are, the cuter you look in uniforms...I have distinct memories of seeing a 1st grader in the same outfit as me in public after school - she definitely pulled it off better :)

  3. I am favor in school uniform.When i have students dressed alike, i make them safariing. And i know the value of these school uniform. I seen one of the tailor who make a school uniforms australia. its so pretty uniform. thanks

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  5. Yes student should wear school uniforms. It makes them know the difference between home environment and school environment where they learn things with discipline.
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  7. I am pro-school uniform. I can see now that school uniform suppliers are making a revolution in the industry and they help students to wear school uniform confidently.

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  12. Yes!!! They should wear School Uniforms.It indicates them that in which school they study.and make them school boys/girls.