After School and Summer Camp, Strategically

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A young man we know played football this past year, for the first time. In our area, a number of middle schools come together at a particular high school to practice as one team. While this sounds logical in terms of maximizing resources (fields, coaches, etc), it also unintentionally excludes many children from participating.

How? Because there is no busing from the middle schools to the high school. So any middle school student who wants to play must either have a ride, or must take the bus home and then walk to the school.

Many families are not able to solve this transportation issue, particularly when both parents have to work, or in a single-parent family. Therefore, those disadvantaged students tend to participate in after school programs at lesser frequencies. This phenomenon is known as The Activity Gap.

One Mom's Solution

The mom of this young man is doing what she can to solve this problem. She had the flexibility to bring her son to practice each day. But she didn't just think of her son's need; she provided a ride for other kids who needed it, too.

I loved how she thought through the extra-curricular activity strategically and missionally.

Summer Camp Strategy

Is your child going to summer camp this year? I hope so. I know that summer camp experiences can be enriching for the mind, body, and soul.

But I also hope that you are thinking through this issue strategically. What do I mean? Check out my post on Just Kind Humble: Summer Camp for a Purpose, to learn more.

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