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Happy New Year!

I'm easing my way back into blogging, after a nice blogging break. To get myself (and you) ramped back up, here's a quick recap of the past year of blogging. Did you miss any of these posts?

Here are my top 5 posts from this blog in 2014:

#5.  Roe v Wade: Do Your Really Believe What You Say You Believe?  Years ago, a man in our church shocked me when he said, "Most people who say they are pro-life really aren't. They are just anti-abortion." I was challenged by his assertion, and I hope you are, too.

#4.  Celebrating Passover as a Messianic JewCan you be Jewish and a follower of Jesus? Of course! And here is one reason it is meaningful to me.

#3.  Common Core Is NOT the Common ProblemTo some, this was controversial. But I also received a lot of support about this post. For more thoughts on politics and education, check out My Thoughts on the Upcoming Elections.

#2. "How Do You Know that Jesus Is Real?"  A question one of my sons asked me a couple of years ago.

#1.  Teaching Preschoolers About the Crucifixion?  Another archived post (from 2011), I think this one (along with the above post) gets a lot of interest because evangelical parents are looking for ideas to communicate theological issues to their young children. 

Another Blog

And though my Mission: Allendale blog has been static since August, I still get some traffic there, as I close in on a not-too-shabby 50,000 page views there. On that note, here are the 5 most popular posts on that blog over the past year:

#5.  How Would You Define (and Solve) Poverty?  Like with #1 (see below), I go back to this post and this book over and over. Have you read it?

#4.  Financial Demise in AllendaleA sad story, not just about an institution, but about a mindset.

#3.  Does Poverty Affect Life Expectancy?  A post from 2013, it still brings up an important truth: “Living in a high-poverty area often means a lifetime of struggle with underperforming public schools, limited job opportunities, higher crime rates, and poor nutrition, health care and housing — all of which can add up to a shorter, sicker retirement.”

#2.  The Big AnnouncementOur family spent months wrestling over the next step that God had for us. And apparently, other people wanted to know, too; when I published this, it was the highest ever single-day traffic on this blog. (In January, I tried to answer the FAQ: Where Are You Going Next?)

#1.  Feeling the Pain of a Fatherless Generation: Angry BoysSince I wrote this 2.5 years ago, it's been the most popular post. I go back to these thoughts (and the book I stole them from) over and over.

Happy reading!

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