Favorite Tweets for January

I've been using a journal from Art of Manliness, trying to follow Ben Franklin's model of strengthening my virtues.

Yes, it's quite depressing. That is, I realize I'd be completely hopeless in life if I had to rely on my own ability to be a moral person.

Well, at least I had these tweets from the past month.

From Others:

@PlatoQuote Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.

@JeffGoinsWhen you seek out criticism are you genuinely wanting to grow or are you just looking to confirm your insecurities?

@MarkMerrill:  One of the best things you can do for your children is to love your wife. 

@theresaromero87:  To devalue any human being is to deny their intrinsic worth as a fellow image-bearer of the Creator. 

@plonkertonsFor the darkness is disappearing, and the true light is already shining

@PaulTrippThere's a lot of failure in your track record, but your security isn't in your success, but in the successes that Jesus achieved for you.

@follymiscreantA great part of wisdom is figuring out which people are best left ignored.

@StudentsFirstSCRecruiting teachers to areas is critical for improving student performance.


From Me:

Black lives matter because black people are persons, made in God's image.

I do NOT regret eating at Jack in the Box tonight. Only because I witnessed a near-fight between a customer and an employee.

Almost done with week 1 of my Ben Franklin virtues journal, from . 12 wee...

I'm all for raising the minimum wage to help working families. But I don't think a teenager MUST make $15/hour.

You know you're out of shape when you get sore just by being a substitute teacher in PE for 2 days.

Through , 477 adults are serving as in ! But 293 more are needed. Will you be a part?

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