Teaching Theology to Your Children

Aaron Earls gives 5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids Theology:
  1. Read the Bible 
  2. Read other books together 
  3. Pray intentionally 
  4. Talk about entertainment  
  5. Model it

Be sure to read the full article. As Earls writes:
"It is our job as parents to teach our children theology. It can be intimidating, but it doesn’t require a seminary degree. You can help your kids know and love Jesus more."

Of course, teaching truth is one thing. But we must go a step further. Randy Alcorn writes,
"Teaching our children the truth is absolutely necessary, but it is not sufficient. The solid foundation for a life is not just hearing the words of God, but doing them (Matthew 7:24-27). By our own example as their parents, we must teach our children God’s truth, demonstrating it in application and obedience."

In this article, Alcorn uses the framework of Micah 6:8, to guide us in teaching our children how to act justly, show mercy, and walk humbly before God. And then he gives a practical idea using the book of Proverbs.

So, Parents, be sure that you are teaching theology to your children, in word and in action.

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