One Small Thing: Lego-a-Day

I will not say that I played with Legos all month. No, I'm not embarassed about my goal for the past few weeks. It's that there is no such thing as "Legos." The correct phrase, as I was reminded by listening to workers at Legoland, is "Lego bricks."

Yes, I do think that saying Legos is less clunky than Lego bricks. But I want to give respect to one of the most inspiring, and most valuable, toy companies in the world.

Anyway . . .

Each day for the month of April, I have built something out of Lego bricks. I loved Lego when I was a kid (starting with the Town sets, but eventually focusing on Castle sets). And thankfully my parents kept most of my collection, and have since passed it on to our kids.

What did I learn in doing this "one small thing"? That creating something can be so relaxing.

Whether it is following directions, or building my own creation, there is something calming about doing this. Now I see why my wife sometimes sits in front of the computer with Pinterest open, putting together crafts.

An extra bonus was building things alongside my kids. They were always good to remind me (similar to my pushup and photo goals), "Did you build your Lego thing today?"

While I won't build something each day for the rest of the year, I will keep playing. Here's to a full year of creating things out of Legos Lego bricks!

May Small Thing:  Exercise "Every Day in May"

Back to a health-related goal for the month of May. You know, bathing suit season is coming up.

A friend of mine from college (she was on my "sister hall" during our Freshman year) has inspired me. For at least the last couple of years, she has done an "every day in May" exercise goal. I will join in with her this year.

Some days I'll jog (groan), and some days I will do this 15-minute bodyweight workout. And does an extended session of Just Dance 4 count?

So, let me know: How are you goals coming along? Want to join us for "every day in May"?


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