Sender's Stuffed Animals: Then and Now

The first "stuffed animal" that my six-year-old, Sender, had was named Blankie Bear. Usually, he was referred to simply as "B."

Elijah, Sender, B

This "B" was the animal that Sender once screamed out for in the middle of the night.

His first Webkinz animal was Spike, and he added Cuber (short for "Computer") shortly thereafter.

Spike and Cuber

He has many, many other stuffed animals (not pictured), some of which have been inherited from his older brother.

One of his latest favorites is an opossum, named Big Fat Up, which I think is supposed to be short for "Big Fat Opossum." Normally just called "Big Fat." Not exactly politically-correct, are we?

Big Fat

He also got this cat. He calls her Cupcake. He loves Cupcake. How sweet, right? But should I be worried? Is Sender becoming too soft and sweet?

Soft and cuddly Cupcake

I'm not worried, especially when he named this bear.

His name: Poopie Bear.

Yeah, boy! That's more like it!

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  1. Beautiful stuffed animals. Do you know if those are custom stuffed animals? That would be great. Thank you.