Election Day 2012

On this election day, I'm not going to give a defense of any political position. I rarely do that (and much prefer to point out each side's problems). Instead, I want to remind you that our ultimate hope can never be in which political group is in power, or what laws are enacted. Our hope can only be in the truth that Jesus Christ is working in and through all things to redeem this world.

Here are some links to articles that can help us remember this:

Christian America?.  An article that I wrote earlier this year that challenges the idea that the USA has even been a "Christian" nation, or that we should ever hope that it needs to be.

Dual Citizens: Getting Oriented During Election Season.  Justin Taylor warns us that some of us care too much about politics, and some too little. We do need to care, but for the right reasons -- for God's glory and to love others.

Politics and the Kingdom of God.  "Neither an overly pessimistic nor an overly optimistic view of politics serves Christians well. Those who act as though politics are the primary way God has determined to bring about the kingdom of God will inevitably downplay the significance of the church as God’s agent through which the Spirit works in the world. On the other hand, those who avoid all political or cultural involvement as inherently evil will miss or downplay the social and cultural ramifications of the gospel of Jesus."

Against a "Christian Government."  On one of my favorite, newly-found blogs (the Cripplegate), Jesse Johnson makes a solid case that a government with religious pluralism actually helps to spread the gospel.

Why I Voted.  Mike Glenn reminds us that Christians are commanded to be blessings to others, even the government. And that's irregardless of who is in charge.

Now, all that being said, I do have one particular candidate that I love and support in Allendale. Lottie Lewis has been working to Make Hope a Reality.

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