Let the Boy Strut

Through their home school group, my kids have been learning archery. Last year, it was just Hannah and Elijah, but this year Sender (in Kindergarten) has also been able to participate.

The students learn safety and proper handling techniques, and how to score points. And my kids love to report their scores to me, especially when they do well.

Back in September, in one of his first week's archerying shooting the arrows, Sender got 9 points (with 5 arrows). In round 2, he scored 11 points.

Joanna, watching him with the other moms, noticed that Sender walked around with a little bit of a strut. He didn't say much (not even bragging to me about his score when I arrived home). But his chest was puffed up, and he walked with confidence.

Was this OK? Should he find satisfaction in his archery skills? Or should he be more nonchalant?

For boys, especially, having a skill is important. Boys (and men) are created with an innate desire to work and overcome and succeed. These are ways for a man to reflect the image of God.

While a man's ultimate satisfaction must come in Jesus Christ and the gospel, that satisfaction is manifested by the journey of manhood. And manhood means rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, and expecting God's reward.

Let your sons strut a little, not to take away God's glory, but to reflect Him. Encourage your sons in their strengths, not for their own benefit, so that they can bless and serve others in them.

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