Favorite Tweets for October

With two come-from-behind wins in October, the Allendale-Fairfax High School Tigers finished the regular season as undefeated and region champs. I know many of you enjoy my Friday night updates on Facebook and Twitter.

These Tweets in October Inspired and Amused Me

@chrysolisIt is arrogant to say that God cannot be known if God has in fact made himself known.

@anonbaptistChanging "Library" to "Media Center" because we now have more than books. We also have the Bible on cassette.

@FastzkieBahamasI am praying for the Lord to help me live from faith to faith: rather than faith, to doubt, to unbelief and then back to faith.

@k_sanders1Had date day with one of my boys. Went to get Halloween outfit. Now I have a ninja living with me. Sweet times!

@Lecrae:  Failures should cause us to run to God and not from God. 

@greg_boyd:  If I thought America was "the hope of the world," which seems to be a mantra every candidate is required to recite, I'd be in total despair.

@DailyKeller:  If you don’t preach like there are lost people present, there won’t ever be any.  

My Tweets That Others Enjoyed 

To see change in your community and your church, YOU need to change.

Me to my 5-year-old: "How about you stop waking up Mommy in the middle of the night?" Son: "Can I wake you up?" Me: "On second thought..." 

One of my players gave me a hairband to hold on to. No, I don't coach girls. I coach a bunch of guys with long dreadlocks. 

In order to lead, I need to listen more & speak less. (via )  

Deone is trying to check out a girl in Wendy's. I loudly ask him if his rash has cleared up yet.

Effective isn't about a formula, but about a caring relationship with someone who is made in God's image.   

Our big God dwells with little man. (see Isaiah 57:15) 

It took almost a full 24 hours, but finally these guys from felt like they belonged.  


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