Simple Ways to Disciple Your Kids on Mission

Seth McBee -- businessman, ministry leader, and speaker -- knows what it's like to be busy. But he also knows that he must use every moment he can to disciple his children.

He gives 11 examples of how he has done just that. These illustrations were encouraging and challenging for me, and I think they will be for you, too:
  1. Redeem everyday things, such as having "Phineas and Ferb theology."
  2. Use accessible resources, including children's Bibles.
  3. Discipline like you believe in the gospel, instead of yelling, "Stop it!"
  4. Demonstrate the gospel, even when they don't react in ways I was hoping.
  5. Praise them often when their actions depict God's character.
  6. Remind them that they are loved, whether their actions are sinful or praiseworthy.
  7. Involve your kids in the mission, and talk about why you are doing it.
  8. Make your house the "hang-out house" as a way to show that your possessions are actually God's.
  9. Invite their friends and parents out to your activities, to show your kids what it looks like to be hospitable in all areas of life.
  10. Get them involved in giving, such as by birthday gifts being donations for a good cause.
  11. Make theology practical, by discussing Biblical application.

Be sure to read the entire article to get a more full description of each point. Then, pick a couple of ideas that you can start applying this month.

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