Kids and Missions

I love that my each person in my family understands that we are on a mission in Allendale. And it is even more so for our friends, the Osborns, who serve in Papua New Guinea.

Do you want another example? I read about (and watched) a video series from the Wild family, on this post. The purpose of these videos is to encourage children to consider the joy, adventure, and challenge of serving in foreign missions.

It is easy for both adults and children to get caught up in our own culture, and day-to-day desires. Everyone does not need to serve on foreign missions, but many do. Why? Because despite the fact that the Bible is the number one published book of all time, there are still many who have never heard the gospel taught to them.

In reference to the people group that they are ministering to, the Wild family realizes that "they were not forgotten by God. He already had them picked out especially for us, and we were picked out for them. Isn't God amazing?"

I encourage you to watch these videos with your children. In the words of one of the Wild brothers, "We hope that the Lord will use these little homemade movies to draw many young hearts to follow strong after Him."

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