Favorite Tweets for July

The end of the summer sneaks up on you, huh?

Good-bye to one hot month. Hello to another one. My prediction for the August? An 238% increase in the number of football-related tweets. Since I'll be a coach this year, I might actually contribute some myself.

I'm at football camp this week. And today is a special day, my Spiritual Birthday.

My Favorite Thoughts from Twitter-World

@PastorTullianThe only thing we contribute to our salvation is the sin that makes it necessary.

@DavidAllstonGod does not come into your life to fill a gap. He comes in to take over your life. 

@berkun:  The paradox of writing is you must spend endless hours alone in order to write well enough to connect with people you'll never meet. 

@JamieTheVWM I never ask other parents for parenting advice. Instead I look for adults I admire and ask what their parents did. 

@JimGaffigan:  “I have too much time on my hands and I want to stew in a broth of my own filth.” - People who take baths

@The90sLife"What doesn't kill you makes you smaller." - Mario  

@ChrchCurmudgeonNice to see 1000s of young people using technology to land a man on the moon. Oh, wait. You're taking pictures of your latte. 

@RickWarrenI've been with the poorest of the poor in over 100 countries and America's poor are rich compared to the poor elsewhere.

@PaulTrippNo need to rule the people and circumstances of your life. They are under the careful rule of One wiser than you

My Top Contributions to Twitter-World

Self-doubt is not about humility, but about pride. (via

Why does my son completely freak out when I try to pull his tooth? I'm removing a loose tooth, not your intestines. #insensitiveparenting

"The Bible was not given to increase our knowledge but to change our lives." DL Moody 

Thank you, , for your help in parenting my kids.

Me: "Buy these shorts." Wife: "I'm thinking what shirts I'd wear with it." Me:"I don't do that." Wife: "You should."

I think we just saw Homey the Clown making balloon animals.  

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