Genetics and the Birds and the Bees

Near the end of the school year, the kids were learning about the human body. In talking about genetics, my wife explained to the kids that life starts from a cell, where one half comes from from Dad, and one half comes from Mom.

Ever the inquisitive mind, Elijah asked, "I know that the baby grows in the Mommy. But how does the Daddy part get to the Mommy part?" To which my wife said that he would be learning about that later.

Showing off his perceptiveness, Elijah said, "I think it has to do with . . ." and then he made a kissy face.

Joining in, Hannah said, "I think you're right. But there must be something else, because we kiss."

Not sure how they figured that all out, but Joanna and I had better make sure we keep our bedroom door locked.

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