A Vision For Parenting

image courtesy of Squeezyboy via flickr
I'm working on a project, and could use your input.

What are some key principles of parenting? Not just tips, but core principles that should guide us through the years.

If you could give me 1 or 2 or 3, that would be great. Thanks in advance for your help!

And if you have super great ideas, you probably get lots of rewards. Heavenly rewards.


  1. We were created to worship God! That is why we exist. This will be something that is countercultural to the world we live in which breeds self-importance.

    We are all image bearers of God. Male, and Female, Yellow, Black or White. We all are made to reflect part of who he is!

  2. Thanks, Wendy.

    Here are some thoughts I got back from Facebook:

    From LR:
    1. In God's design, I am my child's ally (not an opponent, even though it might feel like it sometimes.
    2. These are really God's children that he has entrusted to me to train to love Him.
    3. They will learn the best what they see in me (and their dad).
    4. At least for right now, just let them be little.

    From TB:
    There is sooo much to parenting.
    1) Good and bad, you are the first and most influential role model for your children. So especially when it's hard, model the qualities you want to see in them later and expect the ones you dislike in yourself. And love them through it.
    2) Be highly relational with them, but know your relationship should be rooted in the authority and responsibility you have over them not a friendship with them. Give them boundaries and lead/teach/guide/consequent/love them through the times that they push limits.

    From DM:
    1-Pray 2-Pray more

    From KG:
    boundaries and consequences

    From VC:
    1) Responsibilities=privileges (there is more to this, but that sums it up without me writing a whole paragraph on it)
    2) Let kids make mistakes and learn the consequences of their choices. Don't bail them out or do their thinking for them! Only intervene if it's life or death or something that could affect their future negatively in the long run.
    These ideas are totally stolen from "Parenting with Love and Logic", but what I have learned from this book has completely changed how I parent, leading to 5 kids (ages 2-14) who have been taking huge leaps in learning how to be responsible, without me having to nag!!
    Being a control freak, that #2 is especially challenging for me, but it's been worth the internal struggle! I should also mention that there are a few other exceptions where one should intervene, but the point is, if an irresponsible kid keeps losing goggles at the pool, don't give them another pair and a lecture. Let life be the lesson teacher as much as possible.

  3. to a child:

    1. a parent's authority comes from God; disobey me, you are disobeying God. you disobey Him, it's my role to correct that relationship as long as you are my responsibility. likewise, you are God's, not mine, to mold and change and shape. I cannot control you, you are not a robot.

    2. Our family is not about you. Our family is about God.

    3. Don't talk to your parents until after they've had 1/2 cup of coffee.