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Besides this blog and Mission: Allendale, I've also been writing for Kidmin1124. The latter is "dedicated to those who freely give their time to God's kids" -- more specifically, it is for those who serve in children's ministry.

You can find a variety of articles on this blog, from encouragements to new programming ideas to leadership exhortations. If you work with children in your church, you should check out that blog, and subscribe to it. Additionally, you can follow Kidmin1124 on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are the two most recent posts I've written on the Kidmin blog, and I hope they encourage and bless you.

Does Your Ministry Need a Change in Diet?  Based on the same health-related article which led me to write Your Child's Health May Be 64 Calories Away, I encourage leaders that sometimes small changes can have big effects for an organization.

In Volunteer Appreciation Gifts, I gave some ideas (and asked for more suggestions) for appreciation gifts for volunteers. Years ago, I suggested lottery tickets, but the church staff had enough wisdom to reject my input.

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