Favorite Tweets for March

From the DaddyFiles.com (HT: How To Be a Dad):

Makes sense. Except for those of you who keep nasty stuff like that.

Here were some other things I caught or shared on Twitter.

From Others:

@PaulTripp:  Corporate worship is designed to remind you of the instability of your own heart and the eternal stability and reliability of God's grace.

@BJ116:  If 2014 taught us nothing else it should've taught us that the way we approach racism needs to be totally different in 2015.

@JimGaffigan:  When is there going to be an eating contest for Girl Scouts cookies? 

@DJack116:  Worst than an atheist is one who says they believe in God, yet lives as though He doesn't exist.

@WillSamariLittle known fact: sulfur, phosphorous, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and guacamole are the fundamental building blocks of life.

SamOhhh"What feels like struggle and frustration is often skill development and growth." - James Clear

From Me:

My life: Lots of passion, but very little know-how about the things I'm most passionate about.

Could we bring an idea like to ?

We're excited about the event this Saturday!

: The single biggest thing you can do to break the cycle of .

"Just kidding!" ~ warm weather

"The sin of partiality comes down to NOT LOVING others." ,

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