My Daughter's Mission Trip

As soon as she heard the announcement about the summer mission trip, she could not wait to fill out her application. Seriously. For someone who likes to procrastinate as much as anyone, my daughter filled out her application a full month before it was due. The student ministry leader said she was the first one to fill it out.

Last year was Hannah's first mission trip (not counting our 3+ years of living in Allendale), and God taught her a lot about Himself, others, and herself. She has been waiting anxiously for the next time she could participate!

If your child has an opportunity to go on a church-led mission trip, encourage them to go! If you won't listen to me, read how Hannah answered some of the questions on the mission trip application:

How has serving shaped your relationship with Jesus? 
I always feel closer to God because I realize that I am needed where I serve. When I went on the middle school mission trip in seventh grade, it made it more fun to serve when I thought about how my work was going to help other people. Even though some of the work was tough, I just knew that God was there and he would help me when I needed help.

How has God been growing you in the past year?
Before I came back to Grace Church, I didn't really take notes at church. I think that Grace Church is more engaging, and I'm able to actually take something away from the sermon. Also, at 24 seven [the middle school program at Grace Church], I feel even more engaged because the leaders are actually talking to me, a teenager, and not just adults. When I first started coming to 24 seven, I really didn't know how to take notes. . . .Now though, I've learned to be able to take more away from the teaching and write down what I really thought applied to me and my relationship with God. 

Why do you want to go on a mission trip? 
I want to go on the mission trip because I had so much fun last time and It was totally a life changing experience. I made a lot of new friends, which was good because I had just moved back to Greenville. Working right next to my friends made the time fly, and the work more fun. The sessions were great, and they really spoke to me. We covered 2 Corinthians on the mission trip, and now, whenever I don't have anything to read in my bible, I'll turn there. It was fun being able to serve so much, and even though some things we did weren't my favorite, I know that's what God wanted me to do. Overall, though, the mission trip lest year was one of the most fun things I've ever done, and I hope I can experience that again!

Will your child be going on a mission trip this summer?

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