Favorite Tweets for July

Here is a picture of our kids, in front of our old house (Simpsonville, SC), as we packed up moved to Allendale in June 2011:

Here they are on their last morning in Allendale:

It's been a wonderful 3+ years! We are sad to leave Allendale, but thankful for all the blessings for our family as we lived there.

Moving on, here are some of my favorite tweets from the past month.

From Others:

@mac_cavinAt least I don't have to watch soccer for another 4 years..

@PastorTullianOne more time: The phrase "gospel-driven" is becoming just a new and covert way to keep the focus where we love to keep it: on ourselves.

@PaulTrippThe greatest rescue of grace is not from the evil outside of you, but from the power of the evil inside you.

@FunnyIsFamily:  I don't always tell my kids how to dress, but when I do it's because they want to wear fleece to the pool.

@remissional:  Would our world look different if church was who we were always and not where we went on Sundays?

@plattdavid:  Christ calls us to engage culture with a firm grip on His gospel & a fervent passion for His glory.

@JustTweets:  Tolerance is a parody of love. 

@HomesOfHopeSCIn West Greenville, where we have 110 homes, 61% of residents live below the poverty line. Affordable housing is necessary.   

@MarkMerrill:  Your biggest confrontations in your marriage should not be with your spouse, they should be with yourself.

From Me: 

I paid at the pump but a receipt didn't print. Now I have to go inside.

Why my stomach turns when someone tells me, "I was reading your blog the other day,..."

The best part of ordering fajitas at a restaurant: the look of envy on all the other customers' faces when your food comes to your table.

I never miss reading these blogs: , , & .

"I wish there were more gnats in ." ~ No one ever 

My results (from 2011) have kept me energized & focused. Thanks !  

"Everything that can be invented has been invented." Charles Duell (Commissioner, US Office of Patents) (1899)  

Is this a good thing? Or an avoidance of the real issues? --> "End High School Exit Exams"  

Any 1st grade teachers (& their principals) need to check out  

What's up, Boys State! Know this guy?  

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