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February brought to our family:
  • A church leaders retreat in the mountains.
  • A postponed robotics tournament due to weather-related issues. (Irony: the theme is "Nature's Fury.")
  • Valentine's Day.
  • Final preparations for the cast (including my wife and three kids) and crew of Salkehatchie Stew.
Did you miss these snapshots from this past month?

From Others:

@MarkMerrillStarting today, make it a priority to set aside time for what’s ultimately important: your child

@JonAcuffPaul Allen of Microsoft owning the Seahawks is a huge inspiration to any computer nerd who was ever bullied by a jock.

@Jonnie_W"I don't care if the court is iced over. I wanna play shuffleboard!" -Old Man, Accidentally Inventing Olympic Curling 

@GraceChurchSC:  My biggest problem is not my sexual identity but my sinful identity. - Peter Hubbard

@Memverse:  Blessings Too Big: "When God said that children were a blessing, he wasn’t kidding." via |   

@lecrae If refuse to endure struggle, you refuse to embrace progress.

@NikkiHaley:  I would be fine if we never had another winter storm. I much prefer the 80 degrees we are having today!

@abbyelisemoore:  "When the self gets elevated, the mission gets lost."

: "Coexist. Or else."

From Me:

Love having a daughter whose first words in the morning are, "I'm going to make muffins for breakfast."

Got to have a party with the guys I've been working with in the prison. They provided snacks.

Historic Grove Park Inn, where you can purchase historic technology.

"…But the Lord…" // An encouraging reminder from

Reason 78 Is Better Than Where You Live: No .   

In contemporary Christianity, we are in more danger of playing it safe than we are of being reckless. (

I'm excited to partner with the Dosters in Eleuthera!

My wife realized that when our son "Sender" starts using email, it's going to be really confusing for him & the other person.  

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