Tell About the Real Saint Patrick

St. Patrick's Day is on Monday, March 17. Be sure to take time this weekend to explain to your children who the real St. Patrick was, and why he should be a type of Hebrews 11 example of faith.

There are a lot of articles that you can use, but here is a great post from a couple of years back, from The Resurgence Blog, called Get to Know Saint Patrick.

Here are some key things I learned from this article:
  • Patrick was never an official saint.
  • He was English, not Irish.
  • He was a rebellious non-Christian teenager who had come from a Christian family.
  • God told him (in a dream) to escape from his slavery.
  • After being trained as a pastor, God told him (in another dream) to return to Ireland to preach the gospel.
  • In his ministry to the Irish people, he saw thousands of converts, trained 100 pastors, and planted 700 churches.
  • He "was the first noted person in history to take a strong public stand against slavery."

Read the full article by Mark Driscoll.

You can also see this short video from Rose Publishing:

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