Messed Up Families

Is your family perfect? Do you have completely harmonious family get-togethers? Was Leave It to Beaver based on your upbringing?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, do not read God's Mercy in Messed Up Families.

The rest of us, however, can be encouraged by Jon Bloom's words:

"Sin must be seen and powerlessness must be experienced before we really turn to Jesus and embrace his gospel. And offenses must be committed if gracious love is to be demonstrated. . . .

"What may be most needed is for our family to be a crucible of grace, a place where the heat of pressure forces sin to surface providing opportunities for the gospel to be understood and applied. And when this happens the messes become mercies. . . . 

"If your family is not the epitome of harmony, take heart. God specializes in redeeming messes."

Be sure to read the full article from Desiring God.

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