Favorite Tweets for June

Furman: The most beautiful campus in the south.

 In the last 5 weeks, we have gone from Allendale to Greenville to Allendale to Fripp Island to Allendale to Greenville to Allendale to Greenville.

Time for a little bit of rest. And time for a few of my favorite tweets from June.

From Others

@BackRowBaptistListening to little kids argue over a toy in the church nursery so I can gain a better understanding of politics.

@MattRogers_While many of my friends are leaving for the SBC in Houston, my wife and I are packing to head to Jamaica for our 10th anniversary. I win.

@eschneebergShout out to Fathers who care for, protect, nurture, train, teach, model right living, love, affirm their children

@PaulTripp:  God sent his Son as the ultimate stand in for us because as sinners there was no way we could help ourselves.

@plonkertons:  A passion for Him creates a compassion for them.

@KatieAHorton:  One day Jesus will return and all moments of terror over giant roaches will be no more. 

From Me

"The lessons you learn best are those you get burned by. Without the scar, there's no evidence or strong memory." Julien Smith (The Flinch)

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." -- William James 

5 kids from are excited to be on their way to camp! 

Even in darkness & chaos, the Spirit of God moves. (Genesis 1:2)

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