100 Happy Days

Can't you tell how happy we are?
Do you remember earlier this year, when I did a 13-week Ben Franklin journalling challenge? Following Franklin's example, I focused on a specific virtue each week, and noting when I failed in that virtue.

Do you remember how it made me feel? It was a depressing burden to carry (although it did help me to better appreciate the Good News that I don't have to make myself a virtuous person).

If you follow me on Instagram (@JoeyEspinosa), you've seen some recent posts tagged #100HappyDays. I don't know why other people have attempted this challenge, but I've done it to make myself recognize and appreciate small but enjoyable moments in my everyday life.

If you are like me, most of your days are in monotonous and tedious routines. Hey, life is difficult, and work is frustrating, and parenting is very hard and frustrating. I need to be reminded to enjoy the everyday happy moments.

Does this mean that every single day is overwhelmingly joyful? Not at all! But it does make me recognize that I have a choice of whether or not to look for joy, and it makes me realize that God constantly gives me "every good and perfect gift" (James 1:17).

Gifts like . . .

My students making superb grades


A sweet note from the boy I mentor

Teaching chess to kids at summer camp

My sons enjoying Star Wars and each other's company

Realizing I have a twin  (see above)

Free pizza

If you need a reminder of God's goodness in your life, maybe you should take the 100 Happy Days challenge. Every day, you can experience His good grace. Whether you do this challenge or not, look for it.

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