Favorite Tweets for February

Every February brings National Signing Day, when high school seniors officially sign a commitment to play a sport for a particular university, in return for a scholarship.

Not being a great athlete, I never participated in this event.

Oh, well. At least I had these great tweets from the past month.

From Others:

@PlattDavid:  Worship is the adoring contemplation of God as he has revealed himself in his Son & in the Scriptures (Oswald Sanders).

@AnonBaptist:  BREAKING NEWS: Patriots accused of sending Seahawks home with deflated egos.

@ChalmersCenterHe defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing- Deuteronomy 10:18

@adamon34 Jesus made himself less. No person or task was ever beneath Him.

@MacNattie:  I have consumed 9 cookies today. Yolo.
@TheFatherEffect:  God gives us abundant Grace. Our kids need the same from us.

@reddawg82:  Props to Coach K for showing respect by wearing a Carolina Blue tie to Dean Smith's funeral.

CaptainObvious:  If you find yourself falling head over heels, you might be in love. You also might actually be falling, in which case you are in danger. 

FirstWorldPainsI wish every day started with a “previously on” so that I’d know which of my life’s plot points were going to be important that day.

From Me:

I don't get what the big deal is, but here goes nothing...

How can you engage your community for the sake of Christ? It may be as simple as getting your nails done.

Person dressed as Statue of Liberty sorta' makes me want to get my taxes done. // But when that person is also wearing a black ski mask ...

My daughter sketched this after hearing Jabba the Hutt was a gangster. I need to introduce…   

Hannah: "I'll only marry someone who has a better sense of humor than you." Me: "I guess you'll be single the rest of your life."

God answered a HUGE prayer request for us, in an exciting way. I'll be a long-term sub at , again! 

Not all South Carolina school districts benefit from funding formulas, especially .

Tomorrow, my daughter has an interview for her 1st choice of high school. It will be a big change from homeschooling.  

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