New Skill: Closing the Book

My goal for this year was to learn a new skill by practicing it for 20 hours over 8 weeks. It seemed so doable.

I've been slipping over the past few months. I barely applied any time to learning computer programming, or improving my Bible memory (I still do a little each morning, but I wanted to do more). I haven't solved a Rubik's cube in months, and probably forgot most of the algorithmns. I don't practice my Spanish or ukulele nearly as much as I'd like.

Note:  You can get a link to the posts about each of these goals at the bottom of this post.

Of course, I have been quite busy (wait -- I don't want to use that, because who isn't busy?). Let's just say that I've had very little free time lately. With working three jobs, I am definitely stretched to the point of dependence, (and that's a good thing).

Last November, I wrote a book. Well, I had finished most of it by the end of the month, and completed it by early January. I even gave you a sneak peak of the first chapter.

I've been revising the book through the year, and I even started collecting ideas and writings for a second book. (I've outlined and began a third book in my head, but it doesn't do you much good there, does it?)

If I can get some down time this month (a boy can dream . . .), I want to apply some major work to my book(s). I know that's a vague goal, which is bad.

So let's do this . . . I will work on my book(s) for 10 hours this month.

Boom. Let's roll.

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