Joanna: Disciple, Wife, Mother

See how fast this picture is moving? Like right now, how it's not spinning at all? That's about the limit that my wife can handle.

But she brings such excitement to my life. Today, we are celebrating 40 years of her life.

If I was a true romantic, I could come up with a list of 40 reasons I love her. But I'm not, and it's been a little busy around here.

So, here is a quick list of 10 things I love about her:
  1. She is beautiful on the outside (let's be honest and start with that).
  2. She is beautiful on the inside. What do I mean by that? See reasons #3 - 10.
  3. She is the hardest worker I know.
  4. She is my voice of reason when I want to do crazy or rude things. (Or she corrects me after I do crazy or rude things.)
  5. She gets just as passionate with me on some issues. (Isn't it fun to rant together?).
  6. We are on an adventure together to equip the next generation. How many men have had jobs that their ENTIRE family gets to be a part of? I have.
  7. She gives me room to explore my own ministries, and has ministries of her own.
  8. She is creative, like when she hand-makes Valentine's and birthday cards for me and our kids. (I go the drugstore card route.)
  9. She works to educate and train our kids at home, and she excels at it.
  10. She is extremely patient with me, and is the most forgiving person I know.

Happy 40th birthday to my beautiful wife, Joanna!!


  1. Never met you but happy birthday to Joanna from Canada.