Helping Your Child Prepare for Camp

Last year my son Elijah participated in three camps -- 2 sleep-away and 1 day camp. He had a great time.

At one of the camps, I found out afterwards that he had a troubling incident. I was concerned and defensive, and ready to pull the plug on future camp experiences for him. But after several conversations with him and another parent (who shared his perspective and wisdom), I saw that I was being too hasty.

More than anything, we saw these camps as opportunities for my son to grow and deal with real-life situations, all under the protection of trained and trusted leaders.

Are your children going to summer camp this year? You can help them get the most of their experience by following these three principles: talk, connect, and equip.

Want to learn more? Check out my guest post, 3 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp, on Doctor Joe Says.

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  1. Nice post and photo! (The expression on the one child with the tie dyed shirt who is holding the rolled up blue sleeping bag is equally endearing/ amusing to me because it's a great candid shot. I hope he had more fun than his countenance suggests.) Thanks for the advice and concrete, useful principles! :)

    1. Ha! That's funny. Actually the one in the tie dye shirt was too young for camp. I think he was sad he COULDN'T go!!

      Thanks for your encouragement. I hope these principles help others.