Favorite Tweets from March

The best parts of last month were not about me. Even most of my best-liked tweets (@EspinosaJoey) were snippets that I stole borrowed from others. And my most-liked picture on Instagram (@JoeyEspinosa) was from a play that I was not in.


Top Tweets from Others:

@servantlifeThe most unloving thing a Christ follower can do is say nothing & do nothing.

@Family_Matters: "Jesus seems more interested in finding the lost sheep than he is in why or how they got in that position."

@Arun_S_Andrews:  The Gospel doesn't simply affect cultures it transforms them. May this season of Lent make way for deeper transformation in us & around us!

@JimThompson777"Prayer is not overcoming God's reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness." Martin Luther

@Lecrae:  When you’re reminded that God owes you nothing you find yourself more grateful and less entitled.

@JonAcuff"It's encouraging to see so many bars actively and vocally celebrating the sainthood of Patrick." Your most naive friend.

My Top Tweets:

Want to be more productive in the afternoon? Maximize your lunch break: 8 tips from .

Ten Things I Hate about Link Bait (via ) // Or in other words, "Why sucks."

Some things we considered in our decision to leave this summer...

"Your best decision will happen AFTER you take the next step." & "We can have clarity without certainty."

"We've lived in offense to a holy, righteous God, who reigns in justice. We deserve death for what we've done."

"Conceding a tightly held belief triggers our insecurities. Insecurities release our defense mechanisms."   

According to , all students need to write fiction. As an novelist, I agree!

Well, that was my final meeting with some great men in the prison whom I've been meeting with for 1.5 years.  

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