Favorite Tweets from January

I hope your year is off to delicious start.

I am energized by having laid out year-long goals (such as by learning Spanish), plus putting to paper some shorter-term milestones.

Enjoy the following food for thought . . . .

From Others:

@Lee Buford Random acts of grace are great, but plan on filling up 2014 with plenty of intentional ones (via )

@AnonBaptistPeople ask why I act so goofy. My answer: I'm entertaining angels.

@PaulTripp Corporate worship is meant to enable you to examine everything in your life through the lens of the gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ. 

@BraveReviews Review by : The In-Between by | The Brave Reviews

@JonAcuff“Giving feedback on a dream isn’t the same thing as attacking a dream.” -

@McMorgan1Grace means I don't have to try to be good enough, smart enough, or successful enough anymore. I can rest easy knowing He's taken care of it

@NMylander93:  "I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else" -C.S. Lewis 

@BGuralSC:  "I feel like I never felt the pain of unbelief until I started to believe." -Christian Wiman

@MichaelStrahan:  Me too! Haha RT : “: Richard Sherman

From Me:

My goals for this year involved learning new skills. First up, re-learning . Thank you, !

"I want to be the biggest quitter alive. I surrender... I need Jesus. I need his forgiveness."  

And for dessert ...  

Could you go for a year without spending discretionary money on yourself?

My lunch (my wife's homemade enchiladas) >>> my dinner (restaurant enchilada & taco).

Are you really for life, or are you just against ?

My son tricked me into holding his booger-filled tissue.   

Public schools & my job are closed tomorrow. Espinosa homeschool still operating, much to my kids' disappointment.

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