Common Core Math, Explained

I shared this on social media last week, but I believe it is worth sharing here. Vox explains why Common Core math look weird, but why this number sense forms a crucial foundation to build on in mathematics.

It strikes me how so many people complain about how much our education system is "failing," or how teenagers can't do simple math reasoning, and yet those people are resistant to the type of teaching shown in this video. And I can tell you (as someone who has been teaching middle school math the past few months), that there are a lot of generally-smart children who don't have a basic number sense.

Maybe I'm biased, because this is how I do mental math when I add or subtract. (And maybe I'm biased because I believe Common Core is NOT the Common Problem.) So let's here from you:

Do you understand math problems like this? Or even if not, does this video help explain why elementary students are getting "weird" math instruction?

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We need to clarify this issue!!

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