Interviewing My Kids

Helping you know Hannah (who turns 11 next month), Elijah (age 8), and Sender (age 5).

Favorite Holiday Memory:
  • Hannah:  Christmas when we see everyone in our family
  • Elijah:  Last Christmas, because we saw all our grandparents
  • Sender: Winter

Dream Vacation Spot:
  • Hannah:  Hawaii Disney Resort
  • Elijah:  Rome
  • Sender:  Atlantis

Favorite Animal:
  • Hannah:  Crab
  • Elijah:  Penguin
  • Sender:  Saber-toothed tiger

Best Memory of a Family Event:
  • Hannah:  Disney World when I was 8
  • Elijah:  Going to the beach with all Mommy's family
  • Sender:  Disney World

Best Summer Memory (this year):
  • Hannah:  Anna Marshall being here [look for a follow up post next week]
  • Elijah:  Meeting lots of new people, especially at summer camp
  • Sender:  cook-out and party in Savannah (with a water trampoline, kayaking, etc)

Most Cherished Possession:
  • Hannah:  American Girls [remember this?]
  • Elijah:  Money in my wallet
  • Sender: My spy book

Hopes for the Future:
  • Hannah:  Hovercrafts
  • Elijah:  To marry and have kids
  • Sender:  Have a shrink-ray

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  1. Joey, this was awesome. Thanks for posting. We'll do the same with our family. I couldn't help but think what their answers will be. It will be fun to find out if I was correct or not. It's great to get to know your kids a little better, and see how different each one is.

    1. Thanks, Jimmy. Yeah, I wonder how similar our daughters will be.

      Miss your family!