11 Reasons I Asked My Wife to Marry Me

Twelve years ago, I proposed to Joanna at a picnic shelter that no longer exists, near the lake at Furman University. Here is what I saw in her that made me want to marry her:
  1. Christ-follower.
  2. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Hot. A Pretty Young Thing. (**See below)
  3. Hard-worker. 
  4. Servant heart. It bothers her when she can't figure out how to help someone.
  5. Steady. Not overly-emotional and dramatic. She did cry when I proposed.
  6. I never had a Baptist father-in-law before.
  7. Fun-loving. She doesn't have my great sense of humor, though.
  8. Loves and cares for children.
  9. Because she never thought she'd marry a Jewish Yankee.
  10. Honesty and integrity.
  11. She's my best friend.

So glad that I have her on this adventure in life!

**Pretty Young Thing

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