Reviews & Affiliates

Here are some products that I've been asked to review. For full disclosure, I'll also list what I received in compensation for my review. But no matter what I receive, you can count on full honestly. I will not ever say how much I like a product or company if I really don't.

Bible Islands. A family-friendly on-line game, which offers children (target ages: 4-8) a chance to grow in Bible and cognitive knowledge. For everyone who subscribes through the links provided, I get a small portion. I don't think it will make me rich, but may help pay some blogging bills.

Read and Share Bible Storybook. I received one copy to review and keep, and another to give away (which I did). I liked the overall concept, but was a little too "cutesy" to me. Not a bad option for toddlers, though. Read the full review here.

The Preschooler's Bible.  Like with the Read and Share Storybook, I was given one copy to review, and gave away one copy. With simple and short stories, this would be a good option for a child who is learning to read. The parent and child can take turns reading, and the questions at the end of each story will also encourage discussion. However, I did not like how many of the stories are presented in a man-centered perspective, with a de-emphasis on sin. Read the full review here.

Connecting Church & Home.  Dr. Tim Kimmel (from Family Matters) gives some good principles for how churches and parents need to partner together to disciple children. Helpful insight, but I didn't like some of his basic premises (like his novel definitions of "family" and "church"). Read the full review here.

The Action Bible.  My favorite storybook Bible for kids. If you don't have a copy in your home, get it. However, the companion materials (which I also review in this post) are not so great. Read the full review.

Leading a Special Needs Ministry.  A MUST-HAVE book if you want to start or improve a special needs ministry in your church. Full of practical ideas, based on years of interviews and research. Read the full review.

If you are interested in me doing any kind of review (whether compensated or not) please contact me.