Top Tweets for July

I started a new job this month, back at my alma mater.

Here's some other new things in the twitter world . . .

From Others:

@BrentNelsonA good reminder that Germany got 50% debt relief before postwar econ miracle.

@DearTeacherLT , join me in the revolution to remind the world: is !

@Snandez "Being a good father comes down to showing our kids how to live, love, think, and behave." -

@ScottSaulsThe devil knows your name but calls you by your sin. God knows your sin but calls you by your name.

@MarkMerrillParenting is about unconditionally loving your child for who they are, not for what they do.

@itsandygill"Forgiveness is not an utterance, it's a process." — Cornel West

@GraceChurchSC:  Establish a new community, a colony, with singleminded purpose and full of love, sympathy, tenderness, and blessing for “one another.” 

@Gospel_Project Only the gospel changes the heart, and therefore, only the gospel can lead to lasting change in our lives.

From Me:

Followers of Jesus -- God calls and empowers you to live out your faith.

We welcomed some friends (and new teachers at ) to Greenville! #1…  

If I was doing all this blogging and social media stuff for God, I’d think there would be more fruit.