The Sacred Discipline of Awe

From Hannah Anderson, in Catchizing our Children in Wonder:
A quick Google search for “children’s discipleship” brings back resource after resource—everything from catechisms to Bible memory systems to pint-sized devotional books–all promising to produce faith in the next generation of believers. What I rarely hear discussed is the necessity of discipling our children through “natural revelation.” . . .

As you go about discipling your children, as you teach them their Bible verses and correct them when they disobey, do not neglect the sacred discipline of awe.

Take them to the mountains to walk forest trails in search of the millipedes and butterflies that are the works of his hands. 
Take them to the seashore to be knocked over by the power of a wave so that one day they’ll know how to be knocked over by power of God. 
Take them to the art museum to thrill at colors and shapes and textures whose beauty can only be explained by the One who is Beauty himself. 
Take them to the cities to crane their necks to the see the tops of sky scrapers and shiver at God’s miracle of physics that keeps them from tumbling down.

And then take them to church. 

Read the full article on Gospel-Centered Discipleship.

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